In this edition of Catholic Military Life, the only official podcast of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA, Retired Admiral P. Steve Stanley, Chairman of the Father Capodanno Guild, and Retired U.S. Marine Sergeant Major Henry Hernandez, who served with Father Capodanno, share why they believe “the Grunt Padre” should be canonized in the Catholic Church.

For the occasion of Memorial Day 2021, the Frontline with Joe and Joe podcast featured former Chairman of the Guild Board, Captain George Phillips, who served alongside Father Capodanno, as well as the present Chairman, Vice Admiral Steve Stanley. Listen here.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Capodanno Guild Vice Admiral P. Stephen Stanley, USN (ret.) joins A Light in the World USA presented on Radio Maria to discuss the virtuous life and heroic death of Father Vincent Capodanno.  Listen here.

Father Daniel Mode, author of The Grunt Padre, was a guest on the Sangreal podcast, discussing his perspective on life as a chaplain and how the Eucharist has sustained his missionary ministry across the globe.

Mary Preece, Vice-Postulator of Father Capodanno’s Cause for canonization, is featured on the Son Rise Morning show. (Beginning at 22:56 and ending at 34:50)

Catholic Military Life, the official podcast of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA, features Tim Moriarty, creator of The Field Afar, a new feature-length documentary film about Father Capodanno.

The Archdiocese for Military Services’ Catholic Military Life podcast features the newly appointed chairman of the governing board of the Father Capodanno Guild, sharing incredible stories about Father Capodanno and how you can support his cause.

Mary Preece, the vice-postulator of the Father Capodanno’s Cause for Sainthood, discusses the status of Father Capodanno’s Cause for Canonization on an interview with Relevant Radio.

George Phillips and Stephen Stanley, respectively Guild Board Chair Emeritus an current Chair, appeared on the Faith in Action podcast with Jim Recasner, a member of the Memorial Day committee of Indianapolis.