Update on Documentary

Work continues on the film documentary of Father Capodanno’s life. The project is jointly underwritten by the Father Vincent Capodanno Guild and Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), produced by award-winning filmmaker, James C. Kelty.

Although provisions were made to travel to Vietnam and shoot footage on the anniversary of Father’s death, at the eleventh hour, the government of Vietnam withdrew approval for the visit. Disappointed, we saw this setback as an opportunity to reassess the production scope and our goals.

Unable to return to the “Knoll” where Father gave his life, we discussed the possibility of including a reenactment of that fatal day in the film. Considering the volume of quality material already filmed, a decision was made to weave several brief reenactments throughout the documentary, and to change the format from a one-hour video to a three-part mini-series.

This shift will require additional work and time, delaying the release to align with the fiftieth anniversary of Father’s death on September 4th, 2017. So, disappointment has turned into excitement, as we prepare for the release of an even more informative film, at a most appropriate time.