Update on Documentary

Progress on the documentary is on schedule, thanks to our very generous donors.  All interviews have been filmed and are currently being edited.  We have started filming the reenactments.

The filming of many integral scenes has been completed, includeing Father Capodanno’s childhood, discussions with other seminarians and priests, and Father Cappodanno’s time in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

June 1st to 5th has been scheduled for filming the combat reenactment of Father Capodanno’s last day with his Marines in Vietnam. Several of the Marines who were with Father on the battlefield that fateful day will make the trip to California to train the actors and ensure the scenes are accurately depicted.

Between June 6th and August 15th , the final documentary will be finalized and reviewed by the Guild Board and EWTN.  After that, the documentary will be broadcast by EWTN on September 4, 2017, the 50th anniversary of Father Capodanno’s death.

Special showings will be made by request for select audiences. DVD’s will be available to donors who support the Guild with a gift of $20 or more.  These donations will help pay for Guild expenses associated both with the Cause for canonization, and to further spread the news about our priest hero.