The Field Afar

Castletown Media has partnered with the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission to release the feature length documentary, The Field Afar, about Servant of God, Father Vincent Capodanno, MM, to select ABC-TV affiliates throughout the United States. Stations are airing the film on their own local schedules between November 17th through January, 2020.

Local ABC affiliated television stations will air the movie at varying times. Check the documentary website for a full list of dates and times. If your ABC local affiliate is not listed, consider calling the station manager to request that they schedule the program.

The Field Afar has been screened at numerous film festivals around the country, and is currently also airing on New York’s NetTV and Boston’s CatholicTV. DVD’s are also available for purchase online:

The life of Fr. Capodanno speaks to all human beings about the human capacity for goodness. In a world growing ever more weary with cynicism, this is a story to renew the spirit. In the stories told by the Marines who knew him, we gain insight into the tremendous impact a life can have when it is lived in service to others.