Opportunities to Share Father Capodanno’s Story

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been a difficult year for all of us but in these challenges, new opportunities emerge.  We just need the grace to see them.  Although the Guild did not have the opportunity to share the Father Capodanno Memorial Mass with you, there are two opportunities for you to share the amazing story of Father Capodanno with family and friends:

The first is a new product – an audio story by “Our American Stories.”  We are very excited about this new product – it takes material that you may already be familiar with and weaves it together in a new and powerful way.  But the excitement is because this audio story opens up a new audience for us.  Please share the link broadly and do take some time to listen yourselves.

The second is an opportunity to spread the word is the availablity of the 9×12 version of the portrait of Father Capodanno for a minumum donation of $40 via the website. DVD’s of “Called and Chosen” also continue to be available for a donation of $20. We continue to ask for your help in spreading the word about Servant of God Father Vincent Capodannno.