Documentary Project Discussed in National Catholic Register

Joseph Pronechen of the National Catholic Register writes,
“Great news! A new film is underway about the Grunt Padre —Servant of God Father Vincent Capodanno, a Medal of Honor recipient, posthumously, for his heroism on Sept. 4, 1967.”
“That day, on a small, bloody knoll during a fierce battle with Marines greatly outnumbered by the North Vietnamese, it took more than 25 enemy bullets to stop Navy chaplain Father Capodanno, already severely wounded, as he moved about the field bringing comfort to all, ministering to the dying, and rescuing the wounded of “Mike” Company’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd platoons.”
“But this film — a partnership between the Father Vincent Capodanno Guild and EWTN — will not be only about those last hours in Father Capodanno’s life.”
“But let’s take the story from the beginning. From Washington, D.C., George Phillips, the chairman of the Father Vincent Capodanno Guild shared how the project developed. He started with the guild’s twofold mission.”
““The first is to raise the funds required to support the cause for canonization,” Phillips told me. “The second is to make the story of this servant of God as widely known as possible. We came to conclusion that while we were spreading the word through presentations, mailings and personal contact, we weren’t doing enough.””
“That’s when the guild decided to make a film.”