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Welcome to  the official web site of the Cause for Canonization of Father Vincent R. Capodanno, US Navy Chaplain.  Please spread the good word about Father Capodanno's virtuous life and heroic death.


During Holy Week of 1966, Father Capodanno reported to the 7th Marines in Vietnam as the chaplain for the battalion.  Later transferred to a medical unit, Father Capodanno was more than a priest, ministering within the horrific arena of war. He became a constant companion to the Marines: living, eating, and sleeping in the same conditions of the men. He spent hours reassuring the weary and disillusioned, consoling the grieving, hearing confessions, instructing converts, and distributing St. Christopher medals.


It was during his second tour on September 4, 1967, with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines that Father Vincent Capodanno made the ultimate sacrifice. After hours of heavy fighting from a North Vietnamese ambush, Father Capodanno, himself seriously injured, sighted a wounded corpsman pinned down by an enemy machine gunner. He ran to the Marine and administered medical and spiritual attention. Despite that Father Capodanno was unarmed, the enemy opened fire and he became the victim of 27 bullet wounds. He died faithfully performing his final act as a good and faithful servant of God.


The Father Vincent Capodanno Guild was created in 2013 as a private Catholic Church association and not-for-profit corporation established to promote the Cause for Canonization of Father Capodanno.  





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