Presentation at Saint Roch Catholic Church

George J. Phillips, an inaugural member of the Capodanno Guild’s board of directors, presented on Father Capodanno and the Guild to the parishioners of Saint Roch’s Catholic Church in Staten Island, NY, at all the Masses on the weekend of July 18-19, 2015.  Saint Roch’s is one of the churches where Father Capodanno used to attend Mass.  During the weekend, Mr. Phillips met several men and women who knew him personally.


Before George Phillips presentation, Saint Roch’s had been slated to be closed under a proposal from the Archdioecese of New York.  During the presentations, all prayed that Father Capodanno would intercede to keep the church open.  The following week it was announced that Saint Roch’s would remain open and in service to community.